How To Find The Best Diaper Bag For Your Needs: A Guide

How To Find The Best Diaper Bag For Your Needs: A Guide

As a new parent, there are many things that you may end up having to get used to. You will find that it can be a bit of a stressful experience at first, especially if the child is your first, but you will soon get the hang of things. Once you are used to parenting, you will see that it is one of the most rewarding experiences in life (if not the most).

Being a good parent does not only concern your behavior and how you care for your child (although this makes up the vast majority of it). You will also find that you need to be adequately equipped to do your job as a parent. It can be hard to be a good enough parent when you are constantly missing supplies and gear.

Woman Carrying Grey Diaper Bag

Parenting is almost like a competitive sport in that you won't be able to do your job as efficiently as otherwise if you do not have the right tools at your disposal. This brings us to today's subject. Over the course of this consumer guide, we are going to be taking a look at the five best options in the competition for the best diaper bag.

Finding the best diaper bag is not as easy as it may sound, as different bags are made for various applications. After all, the best diaper bag for travel and the best large diaper bag will not be the same product since they have different objectives. It is for this reason that we have decided to review five separate diaper bags.

With five separate bags being reviewed, you will find that it is much easier to find the ideal option for your needs. Whether you need the best luxury diaper bag available, or you are looking for the best diaper bag for dad, you will find it all in this comprehensive buying guide.

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Why Do You Need A Diaper Bag?

You may be wondering why you need to find the best diaper bag, backpack design or otherwise. You will find that a diaper bag makes your job as a parent far more comfortable than it would be otherwise. Instead of having to carry the things you need for your child in a bag which is not optimized, you will find that a diaper bag will be far more accommodating.

Diaper bags come equipped with many features that make them far easier for a parent to use, such as pouches which are explicitly meant for specific baby products. Most diaper bags will also come equipped with a foldable changing pad which will allow you to change your product almost anywhere.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that diaper bags are products which are meant for a single purpose. The best designer diaper bag can also be used as a purse in a pinch if you end up finding yourself in a rush and you have no time to transfer all of your things into a different bag.

A diaper bag is a product which is far more versatile than many of the other, more specialized children’s goods that you will come across. While it may seem like you are spending a lot of money on things that you will get no use out of later down the line as a new parent, you will find that diaper bags are not one of them.

Putting Diapers In Bag

Different diaper bags are designed for various applications, so you will always be able to find a bag that will work for your needs. Whether you need the best diaper bag for twins or you simply need the best toddler diaper bag, there is usually an option for you.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing A Diaper Bag

There are many different kinds of diaper bags that you will come across, and they are all specialized for various uses, made of different materials and all other features.

Type Of Diaper Bag

For example, some diaper bags are meant to be as portable as possible. These bags often feature intuitive straps and attachment points which will help keep your hands and arms free at all times.

Other diaper bags are meant to be larger so they can accommodate more supplies for your young one. The type of diaper bag that you decide on is entirely up to you, as it would be difficult for us to decide for you without knowing your needs and preferences when it comes to your bag.

Construction And Material

Another important consideration to make before you go ahead and invest in the best diaper bag for your needs is the material which it is made of. When this aspect is combined with the build quality of your bag, you will find that few other characteristics have as much of a bearing on the performance of your diaper bag.

If you want your diaper bag to last you a long time, you will want to invest in one which is sufficiently durable to provide you months (or even years) of service. A quality diaper bag may end up being more expensive than a bargain bin model, but you will find that the investment is well worth it.

Size And Available Space

You should also put a good deal of thought into the amount of space that is available in your diaper bag. The best diaper bag for two, for example, will be far larger than a diaper bag which is intended for use with only one child. Even if you are just raising a single young one, you will want enough room for everything that you need.

Diapers In Opened Diaper Bag

Keep in mind that a larger diaper bag will be less portable than its smaller counterparts, so you should try and find a compromise between size and storage space. Another reason to compromise is that the size will end up increasing the price since the bag will be more complicated and use more material in its construction.


The size of your diaper bag is not the only physical characteristic that matters when you are making your choice. You will also want to ensure that the weight is not too high for many reasons. A heavy bag will be one that you do not want to use, as it will quickly tire you out.

For a product which is meant to be used daily and carried around for hours at a time, you will find that a high enough weight can be a significant dealbreaker. Who would want to carry around a seven-pound bag for hours on end when you can easily find one that weighs two pounds instead?

Functionality And Ease Of Use

Another thing to look for in your new diaper bag is how easy it is to use. If you are new to diaper bags, you will find that ease of use will be the determining factor in whether or not you wish to continue using them. Many prospective buyers have been turned away by models that were simply too complex for their own good.

You may be wondering what exactly goes into a diaper bag that is easier to use than the competition. While many factors go into this determination, you will find that it usually depends on the way that the bag is arranged. A bag which is designed intelligently will feature pockets in logical locations.

Carrying Comfort And Carry Options

This goes back to the point we made when we were discussing the weight of your bag. Nobody will want to use a diaper bag if it is not comfortable enough to be carried around with you all day. Carrying comfort can depend on many factors, including bag and strap layout.

Holding Leather Diaper Bag

For example, some users will find specific types of bags more comfortable for extended use, such as backpack designs. The quality of the straps is perhaps the most important consideration to make, as nobody wants to carry around a bag that features straps which dig into their shoulders.

Design And Style

There are a few main diaper bag styles that you will come across when deciding on the ideal type for your needs. For example, a backpack style diaper bag will leave your hands and arms free, but it may end up leaving your shoulders sore after a long day of use. On the other hand, messenger-style bags may end up getting in your way.

The bag design that you choose will depend on your own preferences. It would be difficult for us to recommend a particular style of bag as different people have varying tastes and various needs. It helps to examine the options that you have available and make a decision once you have considered your needs.

Other Features

Your bag can also come included with many other features. While the best designer diaper bag may skip out on features for a superior aesthetic, you will find that the majority of diaper bags come included with additional features. These include toy hooks, portable changing pads, specialized pockets, and many other options.

Our Recommendations

Check out these best diaper bags to find one (or more!) that works for you.

Best Diaper Bag For Dad - Skip Hop Duo Signature Travel Diaper Bag

If you want the best skip hop diaper bag, you will find few better options than this model. This product is designed for use by dads, as you can tell by the sleek messenger bag aesthetic and the grey and white two-tone color scheme, but there is nothing stopping mom from using it as well.

  • Features four interior pockets which can be used for many different objects
  • Features seven exterior pockets for expanded storage space
  • The main compartment features a zipper for closure
  • The two side pockets are elasticized, which allows for easy placement of bottles
  • Features stroller straps and clips
  • This bag is capable of holding 15” tablets and laptops
  • Features a D-ring for toy storage
  • Comes included with a changing pad with a cushion

The included D-ring allows you to attach any toys or pacifiers, so they don't end up getting lost, or you can simply store them in one of the many available pockets. Ten main pockets can be used to store almost anything, as long as it fits into the bag in the first place.

Skip Hop Duo Signature Travel Diaper Bag



As with most other diaper bags, this model comes included with a changing pad. The pad which comes with this bag features adequate cushioning, which ensures that your baby will be comfortable while you are changing them. Gone are the days of rock-hard changing pads making it a painful experience.

This bag is also highly versatile, as it can carry your laptop or tablet with ease, as long as it is not overloaded with baby supplies. The choice of a zipper for closure is a smart option which ensures that nothing will be slipping out of the bag, so it is recommended that you keep your valuables in this bag's main pocket.

Best Diaper Bag Backpack - Ju-Ju-Be Coastal Collection Nantucket - B.F.F.

This is our best Jujube diaper bag, and it shows when you consider the quality. The decision to make this bag out of polyester may seem questionable to those who prefer natural materials in their baby products, but you can rest assured that this bag is made out of the best possible polyester.

  • This bag is made out of pure polyester for light weight and easy cleaning
  • Features three main pockets, so you can keep your larger objects separate
  • Features seven pockets which come equipped with zippers to keep closed
  • Features two bottle pockets which are insulated to keep your child’s drink warm
  • Features anti-microbial linings which ensure that there will be little risk of sickness or infection
  • The exterior of this bag is treated with Teflon for better stain resistance
  • Comes included with a 90-day manufacturer warranty
  • Offers the choice of shoulder straps or a messenger strap

The inclusion of zippers on almost every pocket ensures that you will not have to worry about anything in your bag suddenly getting lost, which is a concern with some other bags. Where this bag truly shines is in the extra features that you can’t exactly see, but are still there nonetheless.

Ju-Ju-Be Coastal Collection Nantucket Diaper Bag



For example, the inclusion of an anti-microbial lining ensures that no nasty illnesses will lurk in your bag, especially if it is cleaned out regularly. This not only protects your child, but it keeps you from falling ill as well. Both of the bottle pockets on this bag are insulated, so your child's drink will remain warm or cold.

The inclusion of a Teflon coating on the exterior of your bag will ensure that it can put up with almost any stain that comes along. We were also highly impressed by the degree of organization which is featured in this bag, as it is incredibly easy to find what you are looking for due to the intuitive pocket layout. Click here to learn more about the product.

Best Luxury Diaper Bag - Kate Spade New York Blake Avenue Diamond Diaper Bag

This is the best Kate Spade diaper bag, as you can see just from the list of included features. If you are hoping to ensure that your diaper bag is both stylish and practical, there are few better options. While this bag is a little more expensive than some of the other choices, you will find that the 160 dollar price tag is not too unreasonable.

  • Features a recessed zipper which ensures that the bag is stylish and functional
  • Features hardware with a gold color for superior aesthetics
  • Comes included with dual handles as well as a removable strap
  • Both sides of this bag feature slip pockets for storage of bottles and other accessories
  • The interior of the bag features four pockets: 1 zipper pocket, one elastic pocket, and two slip pockets
  • Features a nylon lining which makes this bag easier to clean than the competition
  • Comes included with a removable changing pad for emergencies

The inclusion of a nylon lining is the main feature which distinguishes this bag from all of the other options you have when it comes to luxury diaper bags. This lining allows you to quickly clean out the bag in case you have any messes, perhaps with baby food containers unexpectedly opening or other common issues.

Kate Spade New York Blake Avenue Diamond Diaper Bag



While the interior of the bag may seem a little minimalistic when compared to the other options you have available, you will find that this bag is not meant to feature a significant amount of storage space. This diaper bag is intended to be sleek and reasonably portable, which requires a bit of sacrifice in terms of storage room.

The removable strap allows you to carry this bag comfortably if it is loaded heavily or you can carry it like a purse if it not too full. This diaper bag even resembles a purse so that it can be used for more than just its intended purpose. If you want a bag which is both stylish and versatile, there are few better options. Click here to learn more about the product.

Best Diaper Bag For Twins - Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag

If you want the best diaper bag for twins, you will be looking for a bag which is substantially larger than some of the more portable options on this list. Having two babies means that you will need twice the amount of supplies in your bag, and most bags simply lack the space for those supplies.

  • This bag features pure polyester construction for added resilience
  • Features an exterior which has been treated with Teflon for easier cleaning
  • This bag can be machine washed, and air dried when it needs to be cleaned
  • Features Agion treatment to prevent microbes and mold from growing
  • Features two bottle pockets which are both magnetic and thermally insulated
  • Features six mesh pockets in the interior
  • Features an exterior zipper pocket for the parent
  • Features a memory foam pad on the shoulder strap
  • Comes included with a changing pad made of memory foam

There are a whopping 17 storage compartments in this bag, which ensures that you will be able to carry around whatever you need and still have room to spare. There is even an entire compartment dedicated to parental items, such as makeup, wallets, and anything else you may need.

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag



The memory foam shoulder pad which comes included with this product ensures that you will have few difficulties in terms of comfort, and the same goes for your baby thanks to the changing pad.

The choice of magnets for some of the closures makes this bag very user-friendly, as these are arguably the most convenient method of closure available for diaper bags. Click here to learn more about the product.

Best Designer Diaper Bag - Storksak Elizabeth Diaper Bag

If you want a diaper bag and you also want it to look good, there are few choices which are superior to the Elizabeth by Storksak.

  • Leather construction ensures that this bag is both rugged and stylish
  • Comes included with a removable bottle holder with thermal insulation
  • Comes included with a microfiber changing mat
  • Comes included with a removable makeup bag
  • Features sufficient space for laptops and tablets
  • Features two outer pockets, one of which is optimized for your phone
  • Features 10 internal pockets for added storage space

This bag can be found for about 350 dollars, which makes it one of the more expensive models on this list, but it features many advantages that make it one of the best options. For example, the design is understated yet elegant, and it looks just like a purse.

Storksak Elizabeth Black Leather Diaper Bag



If you want a diaper bag that will blend in, there are few better options, but this product is not merely an example of form over function. You will find that the included 12 pockets ensure that you have all of the storage room you need.

We were huge fans of the modular nature of this product, as you can add and remove either a makeup bag or a bottle holder at will. It is up to you whether you prefer a diaper bag which is more streamlined or one which is more functional. Click here to learn more about the product.


We hope that you have been able to find your ideal diaper bag. Whether you prefer style or functionality, it is not an easy choice. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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