Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag Review

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag Review

When looking for the best diaper bag, you will have to consider the different styles that are available. Each of these designs has its own set of pros and cons, so let's take a look at some of the various choices you can opt for and see which one is ideal for which needs and uses.

We will only be taking a look at the larger bag styles before we get to our review, as we do not have enough time to describe every diaper bag type.

The first of these diaper bags is the tote type. These bags are similar to enlarged purses in that they feature two separate handles and are meant to be held by next to your leg. This bag design has the advantage of looking more normal than some of the other options, so if you need something stylish, this is the best choice.

The next option you have is the backpack style diaper bag. Backpack diaper bags are superior since they can be worn without stopping you from using your hands and arms. If you want to ensure that you have the best degree of mobility while using your diaper bag, you will want to opt for a backpack.

Woman Holding Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag

The last type of larger diaper bag is the messenger bag. These usually feature a single strap which goes over either one of your shoulders. Like the backpack, this design keeps your arms relatively free, but it can also be worn for a longer period, as it will not end up chafing your shoulders.

Your choice will depend on what you need. Whether you prefer comfort or functionality, you will have to find the best diaper bag for you by taking a look at your personal preferences. Before we continue to our review, let's take a look at some other characteristics that you should be acquainted with before your purchase.

Ease Of Cleaning

As with any other product that is meant to be used with babies and younger children, you will find that it is only a matter of time before your diaper bag ends up getting dirty. Some bags will be easier to clean than others, and if you would like to save yourself time, we would recommend that you opt for one of them.

For example, specific features, like Teflon coating, will ensure that your bag doesn't end up getting stained by anything. Nylon interiors will also make it far easier for you to clean out your bag, especially when they are used in combination with crumb channels.

Included Changing Pad

You should also consider whether or not your diaper bag comes included with a changing pad. This is a crucial feature of most modern diaper bags and one of the main ways in which it is distinguished from a typical bag. A changing pad is exactly what it sounds like: a pad on which you can change your child’s diaper.

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag

If you can't find any convenient changing stations nearby, you will see that a changing pad is a lifesaver. There are few better options for changing a baby's diaper while you are on the go. Some changing pads even feature added padding for greater comfort.

About The Product

If you want the largest, most convenient diaper bag, there are few options which are superior to this model from Ju-Ju-Be. We were rather impressed by this product's useful variety of features and smart design.

  • The polyester material makes this bag durable and light
  • The exterior of this bag has been coated with Teflon for easier cleanup
  • This bag should be machine washed and air dried
  • This product’s Agion treatment prevents the growth of bacteria and mold
  • Features two magnetic, insulated bottle pockets
  • The interior of this bag features six mesh pockets
  • There is an exterior mommy pocket which is secured with a zipper
  • The shoulder pad on the strap features memory foam
  • Features a memory foam changing pad


This bag is an excellent choice if you have several children or you simply require more storage room. While other products come included with more pockets, few can rival this bag when it comes down to sheer size.

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag On The Floor

Even the mommy pocket which is features on the outside of this product is large enough to contain anything you could hope to bring with you. The zipper around this pocket is reliable and robust, so you don't have to worry about your belongings spilling out accidentally.

The inclusion of a memory foam shoulder pad on the strap ensures that you will be able to carry this bag for an extended period without having to worry about pains. Your child will also enjoy a memory foam changing pad which will keep them comfortable during diaper changes. Click here to learn more about the product.

What Others Say

We also read through several customer reviews so we could get a better idea of the long-term qualities of this product. Most of the reviewers were impressed with this product's excellent build quality, which helps contribute to its longevity of several years. If you are tired of diaper bags that keep breaking, this is a great option.

There were a few complaints about the unwieldiness of this bag, but this is to be expected from a bag that is so much bigger than most of the competing models that you will come across.

Buying Advice

Depending on your budget, this may be the ideal diaper bag for you, or you may wish to opt for something else. This product is very much in the middle of the pack when it comes to price comparisons. You can purchase this diaper bag for about 200 dollars from Amazon.

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag

Source: ju-ju-be.com

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to ensure that you get the largest possible diaper bag, there are few better options. It is now up to you to decide whether or not this is the ideal diaper bag for your needs. To buy the product now, click here.

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