Storksak Elizabeth Black Leather Diaper Bag Review

Storksak Elizabeth Black Leather Diaper Bag Review

Before we get into our review of the Storksak Elizabeth, we thought it might interest you to go over some of the different diaper bag types that you may end up coming across. We are going to take a look at the smaller bag types, as these tend to be more portable and can be carried all day with little to no issue.

The first type is your basic small diaper bag. These bags can feature all kinds of different designs, but they are most often meant to be as small as possible without giving up too much storage room. How the maker goes about this usually depends on the brand and their design philosophy.

Storksak Elizabeth Black Leather Diaper Bag

The next option is a clutch diaper bag. While clutch diaper bags tend to be somewhat rare, they still exist, and they are an option for those who would like the smallest possible diaper bag. These give up quite a bit of storage space in exchange for superior portability coupled with an attractive look.

One more option when it comes time to choose a compact diaper bag is the fanny pack style. These diaper bags are worn like a fanny pack, except they tend to be a little bigger. This diaper bag style is ideal for parents who want to be able to use their hands, as the bag is wrapped around the waist.

This last type of diaper bag is not exclusively small, but it is the type of bag that we will be reviewing today, and our readers should be acquainted with it. We are referring to the designer diaper bag. These tend to feature an excellent combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Designer diaper bags tend to be the most expensive models you will come across, so you will have to make your purchase carefully. Now we are going to look at a characteristic that is crucial to ensuring that you can get the best possible diaper bag.

Number Of Pockets

The number of pockets that comes included with your diaper bag is one of the primary considerations to make before you decide on the ideal model for your needs. One would assume that a greater number of pockets would be superior in any situation, but they would be wrong in that assumption.

Keep in mind that more pockets will give you more things to keep track of. If you are trying to keep your diaper bag organized and easily accessed, you will have to balance your number of pockets and the different categories of objects that you carry with you.

Woman Carrying Storksak Elizabeth Black Leather Diaper Bag

You should also consider the location of your pockets as some of them will be placed on the inside of your bag and others will be placed on the exterior. Different closure methods will make these pockets more or less secure. A closure method is not always necessary for interior pockets, however.

A bag with more pockets will usually be larger than one which has less. If you want to ensure that your bag is as portable as possible, you may end up having to sacrifice a few pockets. Some diaper bag makers add far too many pockets to their bags, and they end up becoming a jumbled mess.

About The Product

If you want a bag which is as useful as it is stylish, this will be the best choice for your needs. Let’s take a look at why this product ranks so highly. Some notable features:

  • This bag features leather as the primary building material
  • Features a removable bottle holder which is thermally insulated
  • Includes a changing mat which is padded and made of microfiber cloth
  • Includes a makeup bag which may be detached from the diaper bag
  • This bag is capable of storing your laptop or your tablet
  • There are two outer pockets on this bag
  • One of the two external pockets is designed for a phone
  • This bag features ten internal pockets


The leather construction of this bag already puts it leagues ahead of some of the competition, which is made of polyester. While there is nothing wrong with the use of synthetic materials, you will find that they do not provide the same feel and look of quality.

Storksak Elizabeth Black Leather Diaper Bag

The included changing mat is also better than what you get with some of the competition. The use of microfiber cloth means that the mat is very soft and accommodating for your young one. Some might say that the padding isn’t even necessary due to the softness.

We are also huge fans of the ability to pick and choose what you want to attach to this bag. For example, if you aren’t bringing your makeup with you today, you can simply detach the pouch. If you just want to use this bag as a purse, you can take off the drink holder. Click here to learn more about the product.

What Others Say

Other customers had a great deal to say about this product, thankfully, most of it was good. Customers mostly praised the quality of the bag, stating that it was built to excellent standards, making it more than worth the price. The bag was also commended for its superb looks.

Some customers had a few issues with the look of the leather, as there may be a bit of variation in different spots, but that is to be expected from natural leather. Other than that, there were only a few isolated complaints about the price point.

Buying Advice

Price is this product’s main downside. If you are not willing to spend a relatively large sum of money on your diaper bag, then this is not the model for you. This product usually retails for around 350 dollars, making it one of the more expensive diaper bags in this quality range.

Storksak Elizabeth Black Leather Diaper Bag



We hope that our review has helped you decide whether the Storksak Elizabeth is the right bag for you. While it may be pricey, it is worth it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. To buy the product now, click here.

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Storksak Elizabeth Black Leather Diaper Bag Review

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